Extremist Gunman Shot Down by Police in Dallas

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Brian Clyde (Inset photo: Facebook); Dallas Federal Building (Photo: Google)
Brian Clyde (Inset photo: Facebook); Dallas Federal Building (Photo: Google)

A gunman was shot down by police in Dallas after open firing at a federal courthouse Monday, June 17, 2019.

Brian Clyde, a 22-year-old veteran, who posted memes about Nazism and the Confederacy, shot at the Earle Cabell federal courthouse Monday morning and was killed in a shootout with police officers.

Clyde was spotted with a large knife and many high-capacity magazines fastened to his belt. “He had more than five 30-round magazines on his person. That’s a lot of rounds at his disposal,” said FBI Dallas Special Agent Matthew DeSarno.”

He open fired on bystanders near the courthouse parking lot as well as fired on the building. Damages included the glass of the front doors being shattered and a mass panic of the 300+ federal employees who were in the building during the attack.

Yet, despite his actions, law enforcement is still unclear on what his goal was. “As far as what he was trying to do, we don’t know that yet completely,” explained DeSarno. Despite the lack of motive, authorities have said that Clyde appeared to be working on his own.

Last week Clyde uploaded a provocative video to Facebook. “I don’t know how much longer I have, but a storm is coming. However, I’m not without defense,” he said, pulling out a rifle.

He also posted a picture of 10-gun magazines and a picture of a sword captioned “a modern gladius to defend a modern Republic.”

His other social media activity indicated racist and misogynist views. In February 2018, Clyde wrote “hobbies: shooting commies and Manifest Destiny.”

Though his internet presence was alarming, he was not subject to any investigation prior to Monday’s shooting.



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