EXCLUSIVE: Terror Cells on US Doorstep

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Hezbollah terrorists, cells and activists are operating in, or were recently active in, more than a dozen countries across Latin America, including Mexico on the U.S. border. Clarion Project researchers discovered an actual Hezbollah presence in at least 14 states, with clear involvement in others. This post focuses on those 14 countries, but in several additional states Hezbollah is working with drugs cartels, and in the case of Suriname, the president’s son was jailed for 16 years for inviting Hezbollah to operate on Surinamese territory.

Iranian-funded Hezbollah’s reach in North, Central and South America stretches far and wide, from Argentina and Chile to Mexico. The organization has operatives in all these countries, many of whom are trained and armed and in some cases have already carried out terror attacks. As the map below shows, Hezbollah has, or until very recently had, a presence in Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, BelizePanama, Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and Chile.


Hezbollah in Latin America

Washington maintains Hezbollah is one of the top five threats to U.S. national security.

Iran is 100 percent behind Hezbollah actions – funding, training and arming its terror cells. Beyond Hezbollah terrorists in Latin America, Iran itself is heavily involved in countries to the south of the United States, politically, economically and militarily.

Iran’s terror tentacles do not only stretch into Latin America and the Middle East but also into Africa. Only this week, Clarion reported Kenya snagged the Iranian ambassador in Nairobi for attempting to bribe officials to smuggle two Iranian terror suspects out of the country.

United Kingdom parliamentarians are about to vote on adding Hezbollah’s political wing to its military division as a designated terror organization, in line with U.S. policy. Both France and Germany indicated they are not prepared to follow suit.



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