Hezbollah TV in Bay Area

The following is Part I of an expose by ClarionProject.org’s investigative reporter.

Not long after the September 11th attacks, former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Bob Graham, warned that Hezbollah is "believed to have the largest embedded terrorist network inside the U.S." As a potential war looms against Iran over its pursuit of nuclear weapons (not to mention the manufacture of intercontinental missiles), Iran is exporting another form of warfare – stealth warfare via Hezbollah, Iran’s Lebanese terrorist proxy.

The Shia Association Bay Area (SABA) in San Jose, California is one such pro-Hezbollah and pro-Khomeinist mosque and community center that is usually under the mainstream media’s and public’s radar, despite its close ties to Iran. SABA’s leadership also works with other Shiite imams all over the Bay Area and even has under its influence the imam in charge of a satellite television station that reaches around the world.

Tucked away in the bedroom community of Dublin, California, is Velayat TV USA. Few American families know the extent of the Tehran-Hezbollah axis that promotes world terrorism against the United States and its allies.  The United States and Canada both recognize that Hezbollah’s main television wing, Al-Manar TV, is a terrorism-promoting entity and serves to indoctrinate Muslims throughout the world to the course of violent jihad.  For these reasons Al Manar TV is not allowed to broadcast in the United States and many other countries.

But the use of taqiyya (deliberate deception), especially through the media, plays a big part in pro-Hezbollah entities in Northern California to promote the goals of the Ayatollahs in Iran.  Velayat TV USA subtly and without fanfare promotes jihad against the Shiites’ perceived enemies, the United States — the Great Satan — and Israel and the Jews, the Little Satan.  In the event of a war with Iran, Velayat TV can reach millions of viewers who might be sympathetic to the Mullahs back in Iran and then could function as a fifth column dispensing fatwas for domestic attacks in the U.S.

Meanwhile, for now, Velayat TV tries to keep up the appearance of an innocent local TV station for Shiite Muslims who only want to fit in and dialog with the non-Muslim community.

Who Runs Velayat TV?

The Imam who runs the station is Zaheer Hassan. As a Shiite cleric, Hassan completed his early studies in his native Pakistan. He subsequently travelled to Qom, Iran, to complete the required next stage of studies to earn his black turban. Qom is where the majority of Islamist mullahs are trained. It is the breeding ground for the militant Ayatollahs that run the totalitarian pro-terror regime in Iran today.

“Coincidentally,” that regime is known as the Velayat-e Faqih, which translates loosely “as the guardianship of the religious jurist”. Who are these jurists? The mullahs in Iran who preach the Shiite prophecy that calls for the downfall of the West and Israel with the coming of the 12th Imam.

Velayat TV USA, like Al-Manar, promotes the violent teachings of the mullahs from the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley under the supervisory religious leadership of the Shia Association of the Bay Area (SABA) Islamic Center in San Jose, California.

Hassan works under the tutelage of Nabi Raza Mir, the mullah in charge of the SABA Mosque, not too far down the freeway from the TV station. The larger-than-normal-sized mosque is the central locus for Shia Islam in the Bay Area and also supports and praises the Khomeinist regime in Iran.

Despite the “interfaith dialog” claims it has on its website suggesting religious tolerance of non-Muslims, a link to a fatwa (religious edict) can be found further inside the website from Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei that calls for death to Americans and World Jewry. The list of fatwas linked to and found on the SABA website include an explanation that the term “Death to America” is not just a statement or slogan, but a prayer (as defined by Khamenei).

Mir recently won  a lawsuit with the help of radical lawyers from the National Lawyers  to overturn efforts by both Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Eric Holder as well as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to keep Mir out of the country due to ties to Hezbollah terrorists. All three of these government officials could scarcely be accused of Islamophobia given their cooperation and working pasts with the Muslim Brotherhood and even CAIR in Washington.

Apparently, all these government officials felt Mir was enough of a threat to homeland security to keep him out and rightly so. Mir comes from Alipur,India, a town that is considered a Khomeinist stronghold, where he recently travelled  to visit his sick mother who “miraculously recovered” and then went with him on an unscheduled trip to Iran.

Just like Mir, Hassan also promotes an English version of “interfaith dialogue.” On the air, he speaks of building a bridge between the Western and Shiite communities; in Farsi, what he really calls it is a “bridge of fire,” even talking about burning people who do not adhere to the Shiite faith, as can be heard in a video from his television station that has since been hidden from the public

Hassan also says in English that he has no political agenda. What he doesn’t tell audiences is that he is in fact a militant Islamist who follows closely the teachings and exhortations of Ali Khamenei and even the Holocaust-denier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as this photo (left)reveals when he joined the Iranian strongman in New York last year.

At a religious celebration meant to coordinate with the Occupy Wall Street movement in Oakland, California, leaders and the youth from the SABA Islamic Center appeared wearing paraphernalia of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, the enforcers for the Mullahs back in Iran, as well as their accompanying governmental thug corps,  the Basij.

Unfortunately, the aggressive Iranian regime has been chasing the Iranian expatriate community with tools like Velayat TV and trained operatives like Hassan, a mullah who does not hesitate to use the resources available to provide a Hezbollah foothold in the Bay Area community that Al-Manar TV could only have hoped to create throughout the US and Canada.

Tomorrow: See Part II of our exclusive report, “Hezbollah Operatives in the Bay Area.”

Lee Kaplan is an investigative journalist and intelligence analyst. Kaplan also heads Defending America for Knowledge and Action (DAFKA). He appears frequently in the US media. He is currently working on a book about America's colleges in the War on Terror and the International Solidarity Movement.