Ex-ISIS Wife in US Speaks Out

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Tania Georgelas
Tania Georgelas (Photo: video screenshot)

Tania Georgelas is from London. Born to Bangladeshi parents she became increasingly radicalized while in high school. She met John Georgelas, an American convert to Islam originally from Texas, online. He would later go on to become a senior leader in the Islamic State terrorist group, an ideologue who pushed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to declare a caliphate.

When John met, Tania he was living in Damascus studying Arabic. He flew to London in 2003, and they married in a secret Islamic ceremony before leaving to live with his parents in Plano, Texas.

The pair bonded over their extremist ideology and had four children together.

But Tania became increasingly disillusioned with moving between Syria, England, America and Egypt. When John wanted to move to Syria she protested. They entered Syria for the last time in 2013 where John became involved with ISIS. Tania left with the children a few weeks later and moved to Plano, Texas, to live with John’s parents.

She now attends a Unitarian church in Dallas. She divorced John and is engaged to a man who works in IT. Tania lost custody of her children, who are now living with John’s parents. She now seemingly lives a normal live as a suburban American woman.

In the following video, Tania spoke to the BBC, explaining her journey and how she now wants to work against the ideology she once espoused.



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Elliot Friedland

Elliot Friedland is a research fellow at Clarion Project.