Et Tu, CAIR — Why Silent on Brunei?

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CAIR's founder and executive director Nihad Awad (Photo: Allison Shelley/Getty Images)
CAIR’s founder and executive director Nihad Awad (Photo: Allison Shelley/Getty Images)

Why has Council on American-Islamist Relations (CAIR) been silent on Brunei, the small Islamic country that is set to enforce sharia law’s brutal hudud punishments today, April 3, 2019?

Prominent American Islamist Daniel Haqiqatjou voiced his jubilant support for Brunei’s enactment of sharia law’s brutal hudud punishments. George Clooney, Joe Biden and human rights activists railed against it. Yet, noticeably absent from the conversation has been the Council on American-Islamist Relations (CAIR), along with other prominent American Islamist organizations.

In an article titled “Salute the Sultan! Brunei Reinstates Hudud for Sexual Deviance,” Haqiqatjou writes, “If you have had a rough week or are feeling down in the dumps, I have just the news to cheer you up. The Muslim country of Brunei is implementing hudud to crack down on sodomites and fornicators!”

Brunei officially adopted sharia punishments — including the stoning to death of gays and adulterers, amputation for theft and the death penalty for apostasy – in phases beginning in 2014. The laws take effect in full today, April 3, 2019.

Yet not a word has been heard in the media from CAIR or other prominent Islamist organizations about Brunei’s new penal code.

This is in spite of the fact that in the fall of 2014, CAIR’s founder and Executive Director Nihad Awad, along with 17 other prominent leaders of American Islamist organizations, signed a letter endorsing sharia governance and its brutal hudud punishments.

The letter received major attention in the press for rebutting the theological arguments behind the actions of ISIS.

Unfortunately, the same letter endorsed sharia governance, including its brutal hudud punishments. Point 16 of the letter stated, “Hudud punishments are fixed in the Qu’ran and Hadith and are unquestionably obligatory in Islamic Law.”

The criticism of ISIS by the letter’s signatories was not that the terrorist group was implementing the hudud punishments, it was because they were not “following the correct procedures” in doing so.

At least we can commend Haqiqatjou for his consistency and honesty, as he says in a pinned tweet:

Haqiqatjou also had advise to his fellow Muslims:

“I think Muslims need to counteract any boycott by making Brunei their next vacation destination spot. Maybe some of these expensive spiritual tourism tours led by shuyukh [sheikhs] can make Brunei the next go-to site, maybe attend a caning or two so Western Muslims can experience first hand what implementing hudud actually means. Just a thought.

“By the way, how silly that these Western politicians and celebrities can’t stand it that a Muslim country implements the Sharia. They are frothing with anger. Isn’t it great?

Care to comment, CAIR?



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