Erdogan Locks Horns With Trump

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Arabic media review

Here’s the latest wrap of what the Arabic-language media is saying about the United States. This time: the ongoing spat between Washington and Ankara; ISIS and the U.S. presence in Syria; and tension between the U.S. and Iran.


Trump and Erdogan – The Limits of Confrontation and the Limits of Interests – Annabaa (Iraq)

Tension between Turkey and the U.S. increased rapidly of late because of Washington’s support to Syrian Kurds with weapons and logistics, the U.S. embrace of Fethullah Gülen, the arrest of American priest Andrew Brunson, the sanctions imposed on the interior and justice ministers and other economic measures that damaged Turkey. The U.S. believes Turkey went a long way in opposing American policy – even crossing the point of no return, according to sources. Turkey continues to strengthen its relations with America’s rivals – top of the list are Russia, Iran and China. Turkey announced it rejected the American request that it join in sanctioning Iran. At the same time Turkey participated in the Sochi talks.


Erdogan to US: You’re Replacing Us With a Priest While We’re Allies?! Sabq (Saudi Arabia)

[Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan was talking at a gathering in Ordu on the Black Sea about the [imprisoned] American priest [Andrew Brunson] that led to an escalation in the diplomatic spat between the countries, both members of NATO. It also led to a drastic decline in the value of the Turkish lira. “It’s a mistake to try to bring Turkey to its knees by dishing out threats for the sake of a priest,” said Erdogan. “I say to those of you in America, once again, ‘Shame on you! Shame on you!’ You’re replacing your strategic NATO partner with a priest.”


The Return of the American Siege and the Iranian Market – Al Alam (Iran)

The measures of the siege that started on August 6 don’t really resemble those taken by the U.S. on Day One. Correctly, most of the world’s countries object to this American path. These measures against Iran come at a time when there are no anti-Iranian decisions at the U.N. All of the world’s countries are now in a dilemma as to whether to go down this American route or to reject it.


The End of ISIS Depends on America’s Exit From Syria – Al-Quds Al-Arabi (Saudi Arabia)

The U.S. has a military base and active forces in Tanaf, the area from which ISIS attacked As-Suwayda two weeks ago inflicting a terrible massacre on the people there. ISIS has many secret pockets in the area and they are being used as tools of America to implement its aggressive policy that supports the Zionist entity against Syria. These are simultaneously pressure tools on Russia  and Syria to impose Tel Aviv’s demands: the exit of Hezbollah forces from southern Syria and the departure of Iran from all other areas of Syria. America is the one that supports these ISIS pockets with weapons and equipment. It also gives ISIS intel about Syrian military movements to shock the Syrians with surprise moves or to attack civilians.



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Ran Meir

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