Egypt: Rounded-Up 13 Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists

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Egypt says it’s captured terrorists across four provinces. The 13 men are Muslim Brotherhood members according to Arabic media outlet Al-Arabiya.

The cell was planning a bombing campaign against governmental institutions, Christian centers and assassinations of public figures and police officials, the country’s Interior Ministry said. The idea was to create turmoil, the ministry said on April 16.

Security officials discovered hidden bomb-making facilities, shells, anti-personnel mines, hand grenades, automatic weapons and ammunition in two farms. There was Persian writing on the mines and some weaponry was labeled “made in Iran.”

This is proof of the close connection between Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, a security source told Al-Arabiya. Purchases are negotiated directly between the two in third countries, he added.

This is part and parcel of Iran’s policy of creating unrest in other countries, said senior Egyptian security official Khalid Akasha. It’s also symptomatic of Iran’s desire to increase its sphere of influence.

On several occasions, the Egyptian army found Iranian weapons in Sinai – an area heavily infiltrated by ISIS, said Akasha. He fears ISIS in Sinai could be a part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Weapons arrive in Egyptian territory via the Houthi rebels in Yemen, via Gaza or by boat.

It’s feared the weapons caches in the two farms are just a small percentage of Iranian weapons sent to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Security sources say the way the weapons are deployed in Egypt bear the same hallmarks as those in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq – all of which are at least in part under Iranian tutelage.

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Ran Meir

Ran Meir is Clarion Project's Arab affairs analyst and a Shillman Fellow. He can be reached at [email protected]

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