Dog Sacrifices Life to Save Wedding From Terrorist

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Illustrative picture. (Photo: Stewart Black/Creative Commons)

Dozens of people at a wedding were saved from almost certain death by the timely actions of dog in Nigeria, according to local media reports.

A teenage suicide bomber attempted to enter the wedding party in Maiduguri. But at the entrance she was attacked by a dog, belonging to a local resident. The girl wrestled to release herself from the dog’s grip and detonated her suicide vest.

Because the dog intercepted the suicide bomber before she entered the wedding hall, the bomb went off outside. The only casualty was the dog, who died along with the suicide bomber herself.

The incident came after three suspected suicide bombers were intercepted and shot at Muna and Dusuman villages near Maiduguri.

Terrorist group Boko Haram has killed thousands of people across northern Nigeria since it began its campaign to create a sharia state in 2002.

Christians have suffered heavily as extremists target their communities. A Nigerian archbishop recently called on the Nigerian government to do more to tackle the persecution Christians face.

Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama, president of the Bishops Conference, said he was “particularly saddened by the constant and wanton destruction of lives and properties.”

“We live in a country that is multi-ethnic, multi-religious and complex in nature,” he added. “That is why we must constantly appeal to the sensibilities of our political leaders not to be seen to promote the interest of any particular group but to be neutral and seek the common things that will promote unity, fairness and equity in the country.”

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Elliot Friedland

Elliot Friedland is a research fellow at Clarion Project.

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