Poll Results: Do You Feel Safe?

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NYPD Officers on guard in Times Square. (Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)
NYPD Officers on guard in Times Square. (Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

Yesterday, in the aftermath of a weekend of terrorist attacks in Europe, Clarion Project polled our readers on if you feel safe.

Of those who responded, just 10.2% reported feeling “very safe.” Some 36.1% reported feeling “fairly safe,” the largest single result. However, 30.7% said they felt “fairly unsafe” and 23% said they felt “very unsafe.”

This means a majority of Clarion Project readers polled said they felt very or fairly unsafe.

A sizeable minority felt safe.


Read a selection of your comments:

“I trust that those who are entrusted with protecting us are doing the best they can. If attacks begin to happen near me or in my state I may think differently.”


“I live in the countryside in UK,” one person said. “All atrocities appear to happen in cities.”


“I live in Canada and I feel that our government has let us down.”


“Any time, any place. Even in our local open air pool there could be a knife attack…”


“One should never feel entirely safe….be aware of surroundings.”


“I live in South Florida. Here, MANY of us are carrying concealed weapons. While that’s of no use in the case of confronting a suicide bomber, a terrorist who wants to drive his car onto a sidewalk to kill people in Ft. Lauderdale or Boca Raton KNOWS he will be shot to death before he/she perpetrates an act of the magnitude he/she hoped for. I believe we are a deterrent factor.”

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