Denmark to Take Criminal Action Against Hate Preachers

Denmark announced plans to blacklist “hate preachers” and take appropriate steps against those preachers who advocate criminal acts.

Church and Culture Minister Bertel Haader said, "We will criminalize the sanctioning of punishable acts in religious education."

Haader added, "We have parallel societies in Denmark that unfortunately do great damage, especially to young people." The minister noted that Denmark is only second to Belgium in supplying fighters to the Islamic State.

The move comes after a documentary film made waves in the Scandinavian country. Footage shot  with secret cameras showed imams in Danish mosques promoting “corporal punishment of children, stoning and whipping unfaithful spouses and requiring women to have sex with violent spouses,” according to a report by Reuters.

Denmark plans to publicize a list of hate preachers who will then be banned from entering the country.

In Holland, for the first time, the government denied funding and permits for a Muslim school due to Islamist radicalization. Education Ministry Undersecretary Sander Dekker said the school is not giving its students real knowledge.

The school is run by SIO, a Dutch acronym for Association of Islamic Studies. Controversy over the school stems from the former secretary of SIO, Abdoe Khoulani, who wrote on Facebook, “Long live ISIS! If Allah wills it, we will go to Baghdad to reckon with the scum there.”  

A month later, Khoulani wrote, “May the Zionist settlement be washed away by Allah’s tsunami today rather than tomorrow.” 

Khoulani’s statements prompted an investigation by the Danish government, with which SIO refused to cooperate. After the investigation was launch, SIO distanced themselves from Khoulani’s statements and denied that SIO had refused to work with the investigative team.

In Sweden, 13 of the 100 largest municipal swimming pools have initiated women-only swimming hours, an unprecedented move in a country that prides itself for being egalitarian. Although the move is being billed as a way to accommodate the growing Muslim population, to many in the population, it is considered regressive in terms of social equality.

Legal experts in the country are also debating whether or not the women’s hours are discriminatory against men since women are allowed to swim during any hours whereas men are banned from the women’s hours.

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