Democrats Block Resolution Supporting Iranian Protesters

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ranking House member Speaker Nancy Pelosi gleefully signed articles of impeachment against President Trump. In today's political climate, partisan politics wins over standing up for Iranian protesters (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
Ranking House member Speaker Nancy Pelosi gleefully signed articles of impeachment against President Trump. In today’s political climate, partisan politics wins over standing up for victims of human rights abuses, including Iranian protesters (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

House Democrats blocked a vote on a resolution proposed by a ranking Republican supporting Iranian protesters against their government.

The resolution condemned the Iranian government for

  • killing 1,500 Iranian citizens who were protesting their government
  • shooting down the Ukraine International Airlines commercial plane
  • repeatedly lying to its people and the world about the plane

The resolution also called on the Iranian government to refrain from violence and grant freedom of expression, assembly and and human rights to the Iranian people.

The move to block the vote supporting the Iranian protesters was seen as a partisan maneuver to prevent the Republicans from taking credit for the resolution. House Democrats say they will propose their own resolution.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who proposed the resolution, tweeted his disapproval at the conduct of the Democrats.

Meanwhile, while Iranian protesters risked their lives on the streets of their country:

  • The Iranian regime weighed in on the upcoming American presidential elections, saying, Bernie Sanders is “wiser than most” American politicians. Iran undoubtedly is pleased with Sanders’ criticism of President Trump’s Iran policy and Sanders’ proposal to take U.S. money earmarked for foreign aid to Israel and give it to Hamas.
  • A group of Senate leaders asked the Trump administration to investigate a non-profit group called the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) for potential violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which requires groups to disclose their activities on behalf of foreign nations.
    As reported by The Washington Free Beacon, “The council, a pro-Tehran advocacy group with deep ties to the Iranian regime, played a key role in the Obama administration’s pro-Iran ‘echo chamber,’ which misled Congress and the American people about the terms of the landmark 2015 nuclear deal.”
  • Canada is investigating allegations that Iran is harassing families trying to bring back the remains of their loved ones who died in the shooting down of the Ukrainian plane by the Iranian government.
  • As much as Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has made a name for herself denigrating the policies former President Barack Obama, CNN revealed that almost all of her Middle East policy team formerly worked for the Obama administration.
  • According to an assessment made by the Israeli army’s military intelligence wing, Iran may have enough enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb by this spring. The assessment also stated that it would take another two years for the uranium to be sufficiently weaponized to be placed into a warhead.
  • A well-known Iranian State TV anchor resigned, apologizing “for lying to you on TV for 13 years.”


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