Danish Teen Murders Own Mother After ISIS Radicalization

 A 16 year-old Danish girl has been found guilty of murdering her mother with the help of her jihadist lover.

Lisa Borch stabbed and killed her mother, Tina Roma Holtegaard, while she slept in a frenzied attack in their home last October. She was 15 at the time of the crime.

After the attack, she called the police saying she had seen a man flee the scene. When officers arrived they found the teenager calmly watching videos on her phone.

The court found guilty both her and her much older boyfriend Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla. Each blamed the other in court.

Lisa had become radicalized by an earlier, unnamed, Islamist boyfriend, who had left her to return to Sweden. She then met Bakhtiar at a local refugee center and started a relationship with him. The court heard that the pair used to relax together in the evenings by watching Islamic State beheading videos online.

“Lisa is completely uncritically enthusiastic about everything related to the immigrant community” said her stepfather, Jens Holtegaard. “She loves to talk about Isil and their brutal behaviour in the Middle East,” he said. “I dare not imagine what she can develop into during imprisonment.”

Lisa argued so often with her mother about Islamism that her twin sister left the family home. Lisa even showed the knife she would later use to kill their mother to her sister, something that was rejected as a joke. 

Lisa and her boyfriend allegedly planned to travel to Syria and fight for ISIS after the murder. 

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