Danish PM Warns of No-Go Zones

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Muslim mourners and security guards surround the car bringing Omar El-Hussein, a terrorist who killed two people in two attacks in Copenhagen, for burial.
Muslim mourners and security guards surround the car bringing Omar El-Hussein, a terrorist who killed two people in two attacks in Copenhagen, for burial. (Photo: NILS MEILVANG/AFP/Getty Images)


In an unusual move, the Danish prime minister spoke out against the emergence of “parallel societies,” i.e. no-go zones in Denmark where police are unable to operate, Breitbart reported based on local reports in Danish media.

Merely the fact that a European politician is speaking about the subject would be news, but PM Lars Lokke Rasmussen said he is turning to the Danish parliament and his ministers to come up with ideas to address the problem that local municipalities admit they have been unable to solve.

“It’s a matter of being realistic about the situation,” Rasmussen said, “and there are areas where there is already a different set of rules. Where the gangs are in control and the police cannot work. I cannot sit and passively let it happen.”

After noting that “everything possible” was tried to solve the problem without success, Rasmussen asked the Danish parliament to “engage us in a different and more robust way.”

Particularly concerning is the lack of integration of Muslim students in Danish schools and problems surrounding housing projects, both issues the prime minister noted contribute to the establishment of parallel societies.

He also called on three of his ministers to come up with solutions to these problems and said the ministers would be given special authority to implement them in municipalities.

Rasmussen broke with apparent European protocol in calling out these areas for what they are. In previous instances, politicians reacted furiously in 2015 when a political commentator on an American television channel spoke about no-go zones in various European cities.

After Paris was mentioned as one of the cities, its mayor at the time threatened to sue the news outlet, claiming the story was fake news. Yet by 2017, the French press was reporting on these areas themselves.

On May 19, 2017, two Parisian neighborhood associations posted a petition online titled “Women, an Endangered Species in the Heart of Paris.”

The petition, addressed to the president, prime minister, minister for justice, minister for the interior, attorney-general, mayor and police commissioner of Paris was a plea for help from the residents of the La Chapelle district in the north-east part of Paris. It noted that the area adjacent to the La Chapelle subway station had turned into a dangerous no-go zone for women and girls.



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