Danish Artists Plan Exhibit Praising Paris, Brussels ‘Martyrs’

A group of artists in Denmark are creating a new exhibition on martyrdom that will include representations of three terrorists from the recent Paris and Brussels attacks.

“Our exhibit is really about describing the term ‘martyr’ from as many different angles as possible and through history,”  artist Ida Grarup Nielsen told The Guardian.

The installation will include portrayals of Bataclan terrorist Foued Mohamed-Aggad and Brussels bombers Khalid and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui.

It will run from May 26 through June 10 in a converted abattoir.

The newspaper reports objections to the upcoming exhibit which will be hosted by The Other Eye of the Tiger, “a six person artist collective with a desire to challenge the performing arts genre.”

A member of the country’s ruling party complained about the exhibition suggesting it would promote terrorism.

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