Crime or Culture? Feminists Betray Muslim Women

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Doublespeak is language that deliberately distorts or even reverses the meaning of words. For example, when critics of radical Islam expose this extremism for what is it, their critics call them “Islamophobes”; when those who call themselves “social justice warriors” campaigning for tolerance exhibit just the opposite (i.e., intolerance) by shutting down any conversation with which they don’t agree; when others force their religious beliefs (i.e., blasphemy laws) upon others in the name of religion (as in Canada’s new motion against criticism of Islam); or when perpetrators of crimes frame themselves as victims.

Doublespeak often leads to doublethink, as George Orwell writes in his seminal novel Nineteen Eight-Four, “To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient.” In the novel, people explicitly learn doublethink due to peer pressure and a desire to fit in or gain status with in the “Party.”

Islamists use doublespeak and doublethink to make powerful alliances with “progressives,” using their broad and popular base as a platform for their insidious message.

Most recently, Islamists have made these alliances with feminists, in whose circles it has become fashionable to decry speaking out against female genital mutilation (FGM) or forced veiling of women as attempts to impose one’s culture upon the “other.”

The following article is part of a week-long series by Clarion Project to expose the worst offenders of doublespeak:


The atrocities being carried out in the name of Islam have taken center stage in the world theater. There is not a moment when we are not turning on our televisions, picking up a newspaper or logging onto the internet where we are not seeing some headline or blog relating to knife wielding, gunfire or explosive attacks all in the name of “Allah.”

Government officials are at a loss on how to address this very dangerous issue. Some verbally condemn the attacks and then move on, while others favor taking action. What is clear is that a  war has been bestowed upon us that our armies alone cannot combat.

A new war, a new disease that has sworn to destroy the very foundations on which our freedoms were built, threatens us.

However, what is not new is Islam’s long standing “war on women.” It is a war the feminist movements not only refuse to step up and fight, but that they even refuse to acknowledge.

Women across America and around the world, disgusted over a video of Donald Trump using the word “pussy,” cried out on social media, on our streets, at our universities and in every corner coffee shop. However, when young girls in America and around the world are being forced to have their “pussies” mutilated through the brutal practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), there is silence.

Many simply cannot be bothered. They turn the other cheek as it does not remotely affect their agenda. Some excuse it, some are in denial and others fear being labeled Islamophobes — all of which wreck of cowardice.

There is sometimes outrage when the words are said, but there are no rallies, marches, vagina hats, protest signs, no celebrities on their pulpits of “love power” when the clitoris of a young girl is brutally amputated from her body – a procedure that strips away her sexuality and destroys her very essence as a female – all done in the name of patriarchal control.

FGM is the the equivalent of castrating a man. Imagine the outrage if that was happening.

The feminist favorite Hillary Clinton, the leader of their “resistance” tweeted:

Yet, Hillary accepted more than $10 million from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where women face discrimination in both law and practice.

There is no outcry for women in Saudi Arabia or Iran or in any other country where women are forced to veil themselves. Rather, the hijab has become celebrated in the West as a feminist expression.

In addition to the more than 200 million women and girls across the globe who have been forced to undergo FGM, we must now include 100 girls who were recently found to have been cut in Michigan.

Where is Hillary Clinton speaking out against this brutal practice? Silence. Where is Senator Elizabeth Warren, who stated that Donald Trump “should put his money where his mouth is and implement policies that benefit women”? Where is Senator Warren demanding that federal FGM laws be followed in Michigan?

Where are Hillary and Elizabeth demanding that there is no room for oppression in our free society?

It is quite simple. These women cherry pick women’s rights issues to suit their political agenda. It is quite clear that feminist groups both in the U.S. and abroad are following suit.

For those that claim that the hijab does not oppress but rather empowers, let me share with you a photo I took in Manama, Bahrain (my home for many years). This photo tells the story of a woman who is not free, a woman who is restricted, a woman who is someone’s property, a woman oppressed under a black cape of nothingness walking on an incredibly hot and humid Bahraini day.

Girls in this society are treated as second-class citizens. They are taught they are less than a man and, sometimes, even less than animals. They are emotionally and physically chained. They are taught to cover their beautiful bodies, taught that they cannot go out in public without a male escort.

If they are raped, they need to have four men attest that there was in fact a rape. They cannot divorce their husband without his permission. They can only take one husband, while their husband can take up to four wives. They can be beaten by their husband. Their testimony in court is worth that of half a man’s.

All these laws are set in place to control and oppress women.

In these societies, infant girls can be married off with the marriage consummated sometimes as young as nine years old. Imagine if you will, that you are nine and playing with your dolls, only to then be snatched from your childhood into being a rape victim, a sex toy to please the husband in your forced marriage.

Your parents, who should be protecting you, give this man permission to violate you. Your religion does not protect you. Your police do not protect you. In fact, the world does not protect you.

Feminist groups continue to ignore and excuse this oppression. Where is the resistance? The uprising?

To the women who claim that the Trump presidency is a “shocking blow to feminism,” what about these shocking atrocities?

It is time the activists, the feminist groups and wearers of  vagina hats, start putting their money where their mouths are and start taking a stand against the real war on women.


Thanks to Linda Goudsmit for her invaluable ideas for this series.

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