COVID-19: Neo-Nazis Capitalize on Crisis

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Jeff Schoep (Photo: Twitter)
Jeff Schoep speaks to Clarion amid the COVID-19 crisis (Photo: Twitter)

Jeff Schoep, former commander of the largest Nazi party in the United States, joins Clarion Project PVE co-director Shireen Qudosi for a conversation on extremism in light of COVID-19, the coronavirus.

Schoep touches on the parallels he sees between Islamists and neo-Nazis, along with the alarming trend toward extremism in American politics right now in our coronavirus world.

In an episode of Endeavor Against Extremism, Clarion’s special coronavirus programming, Qudosi’s discussion with Schoep includes:

  • How legacy Schoep got into — and out of –the Nazi movement
  • The alarming behavior parallels between Nazis and Islamists
  • Conspiracy theories in the time of a COVID-19 pandemic
  • Is America headed toward the climactic war that extremists want?
  • Are extremists prophets of social breakdowns?
  • How propagandists find marketing opportunities in crisis and violence
  • What needs to change within our culture and society in order to dissolve the lure of extremist ideologies?
  • How identity politics primes us for extremism
  • What is made up of the wall that extremists put up to block out human dignity and empathy?


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