Convert to Islam Homework – Poll Result and Your Comments

Illustrative picture of a pupil writing in school.
Illustrative picture of a pupil writing in school. (Photo: FRED DUFOUR / AFP / Getty Images)

Thanks one an all for the thousands of votes and comments on our story about a class of 12-year olds asked to write a homework assignment explaining to their family why they decided to convert to Islam.

As you can imagine, your responses were rather strong – those with ‘colorful’ language we chose not to publish! But before your comments here’s the poll result at the time we wrote this item:

What would you do if your child was asked to write about why they converted to Islam?

1.1% Allow them to complete the assignment

2.6% Allow them to complete the assignment but explain to your child why it is problematic

10.7% Complain to the head teacher about the assignment

14.2% Prevent your child from completing the assignment and write a quick note to their teacher explaining why

29.6% Remove your child from the school

41.8% Speak with other parents and create a unified protest against the teacher/curriculum


Now to your comments – we had close to a thousand, so we’re just presenting a small percentage here:


I homeschool my granddaughter because of this and other trends in public schools. I’m setting up a homeschool facilitation service that will allow me to facilitate homeschooling for other parents who want to work but not have their child in public or private school. It gives them personal control over the curriculum their child gets taught.


I would also have my child write why they would never convert to Islam.


We DID remove our children from school for other reasons (bullying), We CERTAINLY would for this!!!


I’d use the assignment as an opportunity to argue a point with which you do not agree. That’s good for anyone’s writing skills. If I, an antheist, were to write an essay about why everyone should convert to Catholicism, I’d have a better sense of why Catholics believe. And a greater ability to poke holes in their need to do so, theoretically. But logic is rarely the source of belief of any kind, so . . .


Fire the so called teachers and principal…


My child would NOT complete the assignment. I would complain vehemently in person to school officials, and organize a large protest against the school’s officials and curriculum and if necessary pull my child from the school, then lobby against any funding to the school.


I’m aghast, imagine having Muslim children writing to their parents about conversion to Christianity? Well yes, i’m as furious as they would have been.


This is no less than the sort of programming that takes place for cult membership; it serves to separate the child mentally from family


This is completely unacceptable and all three options under preventing the child completing the homework would be on the table. This is not learning this preparation for indoctrination and conversion. This is one School “Head” that should be removed.


There is a fundamentally a big problem with that assignment. In today’s PC environment there is no possible way that the teacher was ignorant of what they were asking and its implications.


Perhaps if the teacher would agree to ask the child to do this one night and the next night write another letter stating why they converted to Christianity.. This could help them learn debate skills and see two sides of a position.


If the teachers union is involved I might consider withdrawing my children from public or the sharia school.

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