The Connection Between Gangs, Drug Cartels and Terrorism

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The connection between gangs, drug cartels and terrorism is rightly being recognized by the Trump Administration, which directed U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to create a new task force to zero in on Hezbollah.

Sessions designated Hezbollah along with four other groups as the top transnational threats and said the task force will:

“develop a plan to take each of these groups off of our streets for good.”

In addition to Hezbollah, which runs a giant narcotics and arms running trade in the U.S. and internationally, Sessions named the Central American gang MS-13, and three Mexican drug cartels: the Sinaloa Cartel, Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion and Clan del Golf.

Subcommittees will be formed to focus on each group. Each will be led by prosecutors with previous success nabbing drug warlords and seizing of millions of dollars in drug money.

Take a look at the terror, crime and drug gangs that the U.S. Justice Department is taking on:



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