Congress: Latest Move to Clamp Down on Hezbollah

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A rally in support of Hezbollah in Lebanon (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)
A rally in support of Hezbollah in Lebanon (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Congress finally took the next step to clamp down on Hezbollah when both the House and Senate agreed on legislation increasing penalties for Hezbollah supporters. The bill, which garnered bipartisan support, sanctions all funders or those who provide resources to Hezbollah — including government entities, companies or individuals.

Both the House and Senate approved the bill last year, but because the versions of the bill were not identical in the two chambers, the bill kept getting passed back and forth for final approval.

It now awaits approval by President Donald Trump, which is fully expected.

In addition, with bipartisan support, the Senate passed another bill targeting Hezbollah as well as Hamas for their use of human shields. The bill imposes sanctions on members of these terror organizations as well as state sponsors that aid the groups in using civilians as human shields. The human shields bill now moves to the House for approval.

The U.S. Treasury Department is actively increasing pressure on Hezbollah by using existing sanctions against the terror group.



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