Clarion’s Facebook Fans Celebrate ISIS Boar Gore

Well done Mrs. Boar! (Photo: REMY GABALDA / AFP / Getty Images)

Yesterday’s story about a herd of wild pigs trampling three ISIS fighters to death was much needed good news for our Facebook fans.

One user praised the heroic actions of “Squeal Team Six” with another citing “Porkie Power ”

Another speculated that “The boars had obviously had enough of ISIS as well and took matters into their little trotters.”

Others enjoyed our commentary, with one user writing “Love the puns, thrilled it was a true story!”

One person was won around to being a pig-lover, writing “FINALLY a worthwhile purpose for feral swine being on the planet! And I love that porkers took them out”

A user had no time for the boars however, accusing them of being “Islamophopig bigots.”

One of the best comments referenced Babe, saying “That’ll do pig, that’ll do.”

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