Clarion Project Is Taking the Cause to Capitol Hill

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U.S. Capitol Building (Photo: Architect of the Capitol Public Domain Files)
U.S. Capitol Building (Photo: Architect of the Capitol Public Domain Files)

Clarion Project is taking our cause to Capitol Hill this week, screening our soon-to-be-released film, Kids Chasing Paradise, to members of Congress.

To join our Capitol Hill screening, click here

Clarion’s leaders and experts will also meet privately with Congressional representatives, educating them about the real problem of radicalization of kids and young people and hold media briefings.

We also will be presenting our “Preventing Violent Extremism” program at the National Press Club.

Kids today are on YouTube watching videos as early as three years old.  Unfortunately, it has never been easier for extremists — from white supremacists to radical Islamists — to target vulnerable children and penetrate their consciousness.

It is also easier than ever to plant seeds and nurture messaging that initially may seem innocent but can grow into hate and extremism.

Extremist indoctrinate children in their earliest years both at home and schools, through incitement, distorting of education, history, science, and religion.

Extremists also prey on children and young adults who feel marginalized, disaffected, helpless, looking for meaning or want to rectify a sense of injustice. They offer our children jobs, money, adventure, power and rigid ideology. The results can be catastrophic.

Thousands of children and young adults across the globe are being used to fight in terrorist groups and to die for a cause they do not understand. Hundreds more in Europe and North America have been converted to a violent and intolerant ideology that tells them to do the same.

Clarion’s new documentary film, Kids: Chasing Paradise, follows the personal stories of families and individuals from across the world, torn apart by radicalization, and those brave parents and activists willing to stand up and prevent our kids from being lost to extremism.


Why are we coming to Capitol Hill? 

Clarion Project will bring our experts to Capitol Hill – Raheel Raza, Shireen Qudosi and Kids filmmaker Shoshana Palatnik – as well as mothers who have seen the first-hand trauma that radicalization and extremism can wage on children.

Members of Congress will hear their stories about this tragedy. At the same time, Clarion will urge members of Congress to bring Clarion’s Preventing Violent Extremism training program into their districts and throughout the nation.

Kids: Chasing Paradise is a film about taking responsibility to turn around this problem. It follows the lead of Christianne Boudreaux — who son converted, became radicalized and was killed fighting with militants in Syria – and Tania Joya, who herself was radicalized and now works to prevent others from becoming radicalized.

Both of these brave women had the courage to say, “Enough, we have the power to create change.”

While Kids: Chasing Paradise creates awareness of the radicalization process, our Preventing Violent Extremism program is designed to stop the process before it even starts, providing essential training to understand its mechanics and stop vulnerable children from being lured into it.

To join our Capitol Hill screening, click here

Check out the trailer for our upcoming film “Kids: Chasing Paradise” about the radicalization of children by clicking here

Find out what you can do to Prevent Violent Extremism by clicking here



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