Clarion Invites You to Join Unique Webinar

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As far as we know, it’s the first time any organization has begun teaching Preventing Violent Extremism both via in-person workshops and online video conferences. You are invited to join our unique webinar.

Our very own Raheel Raza will be the lead presenter as we explain to you how to keep all our children away from radicalization.


You’ll Learn

  • The role of extreme ideology
  • Push and pull factors that either drive children to extremism or protect them
  • How to identify, listen, address and monitor to confront push factors


Date: Tuesday,  July 24th,  2018
Time: 12pm  ET /  9am PT
Duration: 1 Hour


All children should have a peaceful upbringing and the opportunity to pursue a meaningful life. But today, radical regimes and organizations systematically indoctrinate the next generation of kids to embrace violence and hatred.

This radicalization is happening at home, in the United States. Extremists use new methods, such as social media, to reach a broader audience and lure Western teenagers into joining terrorist organizations.

Let’s stop this TOGETHER


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