Christians in Pakistan to Build New Church Despite Threats

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Despite death threats from Islamist extremists, a Christian community in Pakistan, is building a new Church, according to AsiaNews.

The Hope for Light Christian Association constructs churches for poor communities in Pakistan. It just began building a new church in Sehari village, Kasur district. At the moment the community of 36 Christian families is served by a Church so small that mass has to be celebrated outside.

Earlier this year, construction team leader Javed David received death threats while working on a church in Shekhupura district, warning him not to build new churches.

“This is a Muslim country and we cannot allow you to continue,” the threats said.

Yet Hope for Light pledged to continue building churches. The shift to Kasur district is only temporary and they will continue building churches in Shekhupura at a later date. They have already built three Churches in Shekhupura and Jaranwala districts.

“We hope that people will benefit from this new place of worship and seek God through new blessings,” said the head of Hope for Light Rev. Sohail Farman about the Sehari village Church. “We are doing our best to ensure that we can celebrate Christmas in the new church. The Muslim community is supporting this project all the way."

Catholic Radio TV Net charts the situation of Christians in Pakistan:

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