China College Funding Scandal– It Gets Worse

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(Illustrative photo: Patrick Lux/Getty Images)
(Illustrative photo: Patrick Lux/Getty Images)

The China college funding scandal just got worse. New information shows that the Communist government’s influence op extends to at least 500 elementary school classrooms in the U.S.

A little background: The Chinese Communist government donates hundreds of millions of dollars to U.S colleges and universities every year to buy (in their own words) “soft power and international influence.” Most of this money goes unreported to the U.S. government as required by law.

A number of high-profile universities are currently under investigation for the failure to report these “donations.”

The Chinese government is even funding over 500 “Confucius classrooms” in elementary schools across America.

Clarion Project uncovered a billion dollars in foreign funding that went unreported just between 2013 and 2018 alone.

See our report Exclusive: Foreign Funding of Universities Reveals $1 Billion ‘Black Hole’

You can also see a list of all the universities and their undisclosed funds between these years that Clarion uncovered by clicking here 



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