Children Tortured, Raped and Executed in Syria

Reports out of Syria show horrific abuses or children from both sides of the conflict, including abduction, rape and extreme torture. It is estimated that  between 500 and 1,300 children have been killed in the conflict to date.

Rob Williams, chief executive of War Child, which is providing emergency assistance to Syrian children refugees in Lebanon, said: "The Syrian conflict must now rank as one of the worst for the depth and scale of abuses against children. "

The organization reports that Syrians children were being deliberately murdered in execution-style killings, raped (children as young 10), abused, used as human shields and even enlisted against their will to fight.

"These actions will scar Syria for generations," Williams said.

The report said the Syrian conflict was "disturbingly unique" in its deliberate targeting of children, warning that no child in Syria is now safe.

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