Child Terrorists Come to Europe

A boy believed to be 12-years old was arrested in Austria on suspicion of being part of an Islamist terror network in Vienna .

The boy was arrested along with two others in Austria and Germany believed to be part of the same network – one 17-year old and another 21-year old – who had experimented with making explosives in an apartment in Neuss, Germany.

The 17-year old was arrested on suspicion of planning an attack in Vienna. Authorities believe he expressed support for Islamic State and was in contact with jihadists in Albania

German media said the 21-year old was planning a bomb attack on soldiers and police.

Austrian authorities confirmed that one of the suspects is under the age of 14, the legal age in Austria that a suspect can face trial. Local reports list the boy as 12.

The boy was reportedly radicalized by a hate preacher whose target is teens in Austria.

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