‘Challenge Accepted!’ Muslim Activists Hack ISIS Servers

Activist Muslim hackers threatened ISIS that they will 'destroy" the organization on November 17, 2017.
Activist Muslim hackers threaten ISIS that they will ‘destroy” the organization on November 17, 2017.

A group of Muslim activists hacked into ISIS servers after the terror group announced it upped online security following a series of cyber attacks on its news agency Amaq.

“In response to recent events, we have imposed more stringent security measures on our systems,” ISIS said in an Arabic email. “We can now handle email attacks or any type of hack.”

“Challenge accepted” wrote the hackers on Twitter who operate

Twitter feed from the hackers
Twitter feed from the hackers (Photo: screenshot)

under the handle Di5s3nSi0N and use the hashtag #SilenceTheSwords.

Barely three hours later, the hackers tweeted “Challenge complete – too easy! 2000 email subscribers hacked from Amaq… What is next??”

The hackers released the 2,000 email addresses of Amaq subscribers online.

ISIS uses its news agency to distribute its propaganda as well as to announce terror attacks around the world. As ISIS’ power base continues to shrink due to global defeats, so does its online presence.

Amaq was hit with a series of hacks and is now reduced to communicating with its supporters solely on Telegram, an encrypted messaging app.

The hackers vowed to destroy ISIS’ online presence by Friday, November 17, 2017.

“Daesh [ISIS] stained our streets and fields red from our martyrs. The tears of the ummah will wash them clean. And we wash them from their internet hiding places! Our vengeance will be on 17.11.17,” the hackers announced.

Di5s3nSi0N’s logo states, “We are the bugs in your system,” and taunts the terror group saying, “Daesh…shall we call you dogs for your crimes or snakes for your cowardice?”

Earlier this month, ISIS supporters hacked into 800 school websites across the U.S. The hack lasted close to two hours, during which time visitors to the sites were redirected to a YouTube video with Arabic audio and pictures of Saddam Hussein. Text appeared reading, “I love Islamic State (ISIS).”

In June, ISIS’ “Caliphate Cyber Army” released the names, addresses and email addresses of 4,000 people from around the world. Half the names on the lists were reportedly from the U.S.

ISIS released the list on Telegram, with the directive, “O wolves of the Islamic State, [this is a] very important list, kill them immediately.”

The list appeared to be random and taken from a business networking platform.



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