Go Get Your Tissues (Part II)

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(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Crimfants/CO 2.0)
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Crimfants/CO 2.0)

Clarion brings you another installment of (what is fast becoming a series): “Go Get Your Tissues” for this this “Go Fund Me” campaign started the cash-strapped terror group Hezbollah.

First, a short while ago, Hezbollah put up posters in Beirut begging for alms from the Lebanese public. Hezbollah, the Lebanese terror group which is a proxy of Iran, is heavily sanctioned by the U.S., as is Iran.

Go Get Your Tissues for This Go Fund Me Campaign — Part I

The sanctions are working so well that the group is strapped for cash.

Now we find out that Iran’s proxy terror group in Yemen, the Houthis, held a successful “fundraiser” for their poor terror brothers in Lebanon.

The Houthis have been Iran’s main weapon in their recent terror war against Saudi Arabia and oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.

Check out the following tweet (the site is a parody on the Israel intelligence agency, the Mossad, but the fundraiser was real):

Even though you can get the gist of, here’s a translation of the video:

From the belief of Yemen to the resistance of Lebanon

O, the best of Yemen

God is greatest

Death to America

Death to Israel

Curses be on the Jews

Victory to Islam

And we thought the Houthis in Yemen were as poor as the people they are oppressing. Guess not. Moreover, we guess they sure like America’s money.

As one person wrote, commenting on the tweet,




Go Get Your Tissues for This Go Fund Me Campaign

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