Captured: Two Americans Fighting for ISIS

At least two Americans fighting for ISIS are believed to have been captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Worryingly, one of them was an English teacher from Texas. You can see more details about Warren Christopher Clark, 34, in this video:


Clark allegedly sent his resume to ISIS, applying to become an English teacher for the terror organization.

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Clark, who goes by the name of Abu Muhammad al-Ameriki, is from a middle-class church-going family with ties to the military. He converted to Islam in 2004 and became radicalized.

In 2014, a post on a twitter account with the same name as the email used to send his resume stated, “ISIS are only fighting soldiers that have been oppressing Muslims for years. They are liberators.”

Clark taught English in Saudi Arabia for two years and then went to Turkey, from where he may have traveled to Islamic State-held territories.

The second man is one Zaid Abed al-Hamid, 35, about whom very little is known. It is possibly that al-Hamid was originally from Trinidad and Tobago, from where at least 130 people went to fight for Islamic State.

The two Americans are among five captured by the SDF



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