Captured ISIS Wives Hiding Yazidi Children

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Children from Nineveh Province in a refugee camp in Iraq
Children from Nineveh Province in a refugee camp in Iraq (Photo: DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

ISIS wives are believed to be hiding the identities of hundreds of kidnapped Yazidi children whom they have taken with them to prison and displaced persons camps in Iraq. The women, who are of foreign origin, were captured after their husbands were killed or they fled from the onslaught of government forces fighting ISIS in the region.

Some of the children were either taken as babies from their mothers when ISIS conquered the Yazidi areas of the Nineveh province in August of 2014. Others were born to Yazidi women who were captured and sold as sex slaves to ISIS fighters.

Speaking to Sputnik News, Yazidi journalist Chader Chalat said one child, who was no older than five, was recently discovered with an ISIS wife in a prison site in Tasfirat, located north of Mosul and Baghdad in the center of Nineveh Province. The woman is believed to be either from Turkey or Azerbaijan.

Efforts are now being made to identify the child’s family and locate any surviving members. “We expect that there are between 150 and 250 other Yazidi children that are being held by ISIS women” in Tasfirat as well as in a displaced persons camp south of Mosul in Chamam el-Alil, he said.

In one month alone, 15 kidnapped Yazidi children were discovered with ISIS women or with Arab families in Mosul. Ages of the children ranged from four to seven.

Local sources reported the ISIS women planned to smuggle the children to their countries of origin – possibly to train them to carry out future terror attacks.

Hussein Kaydi , who manages the office for kidnapped Yazidis, said that since the office opened in 2014 until now, 3,178 Yazidis (of all ages) were freed from ISIS control in Iraq and Syria.

Speaking to Radio Sawa (an American Arabic station in Iraq), Vian Dakhil, a female Yazidi member of the Iraqi parliament, said authorities arrested 500 ISIS women originally from Russia and close to 200 women from Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.

They are held in the Tarkif prison and charged for belonging to ISIS. Dakhil says 1,300 kidnapped Iraqi children –Yazidis, Sunnis and Shiites — were discovered at the site.

She expressed fears that these children will be sent away by Iraqi authorities before they are thoroughly examined to verify their identities.

In 2015 at the height of ISIS’ power, the terror group kidnapped 500 children in one week alone to use as fighters.



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