What You Can’t Say Anymore: ‘I Tried to Stop the Jihadists’

Josh Walker. Arrested for fighting against ISIS.
Josh Walker. Arrested for fighting against ISIS. (Photo: Video screenshot)

Next month Josh Walker will stand trial. His crime? Fighting against ISIS.

Apparently, if you are British and head off to the Middle East to fight against the evil that is Islamic State, when you come home you will be questioned, likely arrested and forced to stand trial for your actions.

Welshman Josh Walker is no exception. Police officers approached him immediately on his return to the UK after fighting with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units or YPG.

Not only is the YPG not a terror organization as far as the State Department is concerned, the U.S. even armed this fighting force in its frontline battle against Islamic State.

In this video, Walker explains why he went to Syria and what’s happened since:




What You Can’t Say Anymore: ‘I Fought Against ISIS’

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