What You Can’t Say Anymore: ‘Sharia Doesn’t Belong Here’

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Irish Councillor Brian Murphy
Irish Councillor Brian Murphy (Photo: Twitter)


A local councillor was censured by his party for tweets he made about sharia law and how terrorists are exploiting Europe’s open-door policy, reported Breitbart.

He will “be dealt with” by the party, said an unnamed spokesman.

Brian Murphy of the ruling Fina Gael (Family of Ireland) party made a series of tweets his higher-ups apparently found offensive.

The tweets included the following sentiments:

Murphy quoted Irish philosopher and author Edmund Burke, lamenting what he believes current politicians are inflicting on his country: “Society is indeed a contract. It is a partnership not only between those who are living, but between those living, those who are dead, and those yet to be born. Future generations of Europeans will inherit countries more divided, more dangerous and packed full of terrorists. They have been betrayed.”

Fine Gael, which describes itself as a centrist party, controls the government. It’s prime minister, or Taoiseach as the office is called in Ireland, Leo Varadkhar, was quoted as saying in response,  “I want to disassociate myself and the party from those messages from Cllr. Brian Murphy. They do not represent the policies views or values of the Fine Gael party. The party at executive council level will take any necessary action that needs to be taken by them and he’ll be informed of that in due course.”

Murphy also tweeted about the support he has received for his sentiments, writing, “I have been humbled and heartened by the hundreds and hundreds of messages of support I have received from people throughout Ireland who love their country and are tired of having their legitimate concerns for their country’s future silenced, censored or outright dismissed.”


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