Canadian Conservative Party Rejects Muslim Reformer

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(Photo: Pixabay)
(Photo: Pixabay)

Since when does the Islamist lobby dictate the Canadian Conservative Party agenda? 

If ever you wanted to know about Canadian politics and history, Canadian values, Islamic history, the distinction between Islam and Islamism, multiculturalism and above all, freedom, Professor Salim Mansur is your man.

A recently retired Western University professor and a leader in the Muslim reform movement, Mansur announced his candidacy for the Conservative Party of Canada last September in his electoral district, London North Centre.

In fact all I have learned about conservative values and policies has been through the writings and speeches of Professor Mansur, a devout Muslim, loving father and family man.

As a Canadian, I’m deeply disappointed and troubled by the breaking news that Professor Mansur’s nomination has been “disallowed” by the National Candidate Selection Committee of the Canadian Conservative Party (CPC).

While no specific reason was mentioned in the correspondence sent to Professor Mansur, a respected and trusted member of the Canadian Conservative Party informed Mansur that the party was concerned that his writings and presentations against Islamism and radical Muslims could be painted by opposing parties as “Islamophobic.”

If this is the case, then we are finished.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, president of American Islamic Forum for Democracy writes, “If conservatives don’t have the spine to ‘allow’ candidacy of pro-Western Muslims while Islamists run roughshod on the Left …We. Are. Doomed.”

Professor Mansur has been a steady and reasoned voice against radical Islam and its tentacles in the West. He is the author of books that clearly expose the Islamist agenda. He specifically differentiates between Islam (as a faith) and Islamism (political Islam) as an ideology.

He is a proud Canadian upholding the Canadian values that brought people like us to this country – the values of free speech, gender equality, human rights and democracy. His main ideals are about Canadian security and a Canada that will remain “strong and free.”

So the question begs to be asked: Why are we headed on the path of appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood agenda?

The fact that Professor Mansur’s candidacy for the Canadian Conservative Party has been “disallowed” is not only a loss for the party itself, but it’s a gain for the Islamists and radicals.

If the Canadian Conservative Party waffles on its own core principles, they will never win the hearts and minds of Canadians. Once again we have been let down by our own.

However like a true Canadian, this is Professor Salim Mansur’s response:



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