Canada: Former Yazidi Sex Slaves Terrorized by ISIS

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(Illustrative photo: Kat Jayne/Pexels)
(Illustrative photo: Kat Jayne/Pexels)

Former Yazidi sex slaves making a new life for themselves in Canada have been tracked down and subjected to a brutal and threatening campaign by suspected ISIS members.

Five women and one 14-year old girl have been bombarded by voicemails and text messages threatening rape and murder. At least one man claimed to be the women’s former ISIS tormentor. The women were also sent pictures of armed ISIS jihadis beheading their victims.

The women all survived the horrors of the ISIS takeover of their towns and villages in Iraq in 2014.

They have all gone to the York Regional police who are investigating the source of the messages. The women are being aided by Rev. Majed el-Shafie, founder of One Free World International, a human rights organization that advocates for religious minorities.

“They are survivors of genocide. They are survivors of sex slavery and they came here to Canada starting a new life to be safe and sound and now this nightmare seems like it is repeating itself,” said El-Shafie.

El-Shafie appeared in Clarion Project’s latest film Faithkeeperswhich documented the genocide of Christians and other minorities at the hand of ISIS in the Middle East. El-Shafie himself suffered unspeakable torture in an Egyptian prison for converting to Christianity. He miraculously escaped to Israel on a jet ski, where he became a free man. He now lives in Canada.

Watch a report on this developing story with the Yazidi survivors in Canada:

Watch El-Shafie’s story by clicking here



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