Burned to Death for Refusing to Kill Family

Talha, an ISIS child fighter
Talha, an ISIS child fighter (Photo: Video screenshot)

A local anonymous source in the providence of Saladin reported to the Iraqi news outlet Alsumaraia that the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) brutally murdered on of their fighters because he refused to kill his family.

“ISIS burned one of their members of “Cubs of the Caliphate” in the area of Matibija, East of Saladin, after the member refused to attack and murder his own family in a village close to Tikrit,” a source quoted by Alsumaria said.

Cubs of the Caliphate are generally children who have been kidnapped and indoctrinated by ISIS.

The source explained that recently ISIS has been ordering its members to attack their families, especially those who “reject the ideas of the organization and support security forces of the Iraqi government, Popular Mobilization Forces (a Shiite militia) and the local tribes.”

ISIS established Cubs of the Caliphate as a way of recruiting children and teenagers in order to use them as pawns for fighting, killing and carrying out suicide attacks.


Ran Meir
Ran Meir is Clarion Project's Arab affairs analyst.

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