CAIR’s Lip Service to Black History Month

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Female Imam Rabi'a Keeble
Rabi’a Keeble (Photo: Star King School Ministry)

Does the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) really care about Black History Month, or does it just pay lip service to the African American community? CAIR recently marked Black History Month with a release of a short film exploring American Muslims’ reflection of racial justice.

Rabi’a Keeble, a female imam in San Francisco, California, who has spent the last 20 years dealing with the issues affecting the Muslim community, had this to say specifically about folks like Linda Sarsour, who often works hand-in-hand on these issues with organizations like CAIR:

What gives you the right to speak for Black people, to talk about Black causes? That also is problematic for me. I think it’s enough that she keeps in her lane and talks about Palestinian causes, because there are ample voices in America that are black women that can speak of black issues.

The same can be said for organizations like CAIR.

It is well known fact among the American Muslim community that within the community there is a lot of racism and prejudice toward people of color. Clarion’s National Correspondent Shireen Qudosi shares,

Despite Islam calling for equality between races, within Muslims there is still a lot of racism toward people of color, including the African American community. As a South Asian Muslim, I grew up with the prejudice seeing other South Asians and Arabs look their nose down at anyone (even another Muslim) if they were darker skinned. Everyone in the Muslim community knows this, so it’s pretty rich that CAIR or any other Islamist organization pretends to be invested in African American issues. If they did genuinely care about the community, they would make an effort to reach out to other populations of Muslims, including Black Muslims, instead of paying lip service to Black causes and history as an effort to score intersectionality points.


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