US Muslim Airman Gets Beard Waiver; CAIR Official Not Happy

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Staff Sgt. Abdul Rahman Gaitan (Photo: U.S. Air Force/Tech. Sgt. Liliana Moreno)
Staff Sgt. Abdul Rahman Gaitan (Photo: U.S. Air Force/Tech. Sgt. Liliana Moreno)

Council of American-Islamic Relations CAIR official Zahra Billoo is at it again criticizing the American military – this time for the mere fact that a Muslim American chose to serve his country.

As reported by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, after the U.S. Air Force granted Staff Sergeant Abdul Rahman Gaitan a religious waiver against the Air Force’s no beard rule, Billoo tweeted:

“Great news, MashaAllah [according to God’s will]. You can now rock your Sunnah beard while bombing your Muslim brothers and sisters.”

Billoo, head of the San Francisco-Bay area chapter of CAIR, has a history of denigrating the American military, especially on Memorial Day.

In 2014, a few days before Memorial Day, Billoo and other CAIR officals suggested that fallen U.S. soldiers shouldn’t be honored on Memorial Day, saying she “struggles with Memorial Day each year” and quoting Dawud Walid, the executive-director of CAIR’s Michigan chapter, who said, “If one dies in an unjust war in which we invaded illegally and occupied a sovereign nation, should that person be honored?”

On Memorial Day itself, Billoo did, however, find one “soldier” she felt comfortably honoring. On May 26, 2014, she promoted an article from the anti-Semitic and anti-American organization, the Nation of Islam, that asked for help for a “black liberation soldier” named Jamil al-Amin (a Muslim convert formerly known as H. Rap Brown, a well-known black civil rights activist in the 1960s).

Al-Amin is currently serving a life sentence in prison for the shooting and killing two law enforcement officers in Georgia in 2000. He is quoted as saying, “If America doesn’t come around, we’re gonna burn it down,” and “I say violence is necessary. It is as American as cherry pie.”

Al-Amin also said, “When we begin to look critically at the Constitution of the United States … we see that in its main essence it is diametrically opposed to what Allah has commanded.”

Billoo has also praised other militants, including lauding the terror group Hezbollah. In 2009, she tweeted,“AH [All Hail] for Hezbollah having the courage to do what the Arab governments won’t” and has likened the anti-Semitic terrorist group Hamas to a victim of rape, implying her support of Hamas rockets being fired into the civilian population of Israel.

Ironically, Billoo was recently awarded the “Community Builder Award” from an interfaith organization called People Acting in Community Together (PACT), as reported by the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

PACT had offered the award to Billoo in June, but changed their mind after receiving pushback from their members. In a series of tweets, Billoo blamed the loss of the award on her “vocal support of Palestinian human rights” and claimed there was pressure to rescind the award from Jewish members of the organization who opposed her criticism of Israel.

In her acceptance speech, Billoo lied about President Trump’s temporary immigration pause, which banned immigrants from specific countries where terror was particularly problematic for a short period.

Billoo called the immigration pause a “Muslim ban that has permanently barred those people from coming here.”



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