State: Kentucky

Address: Lexington, KY

The Kentucky chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations purports to be a civil rights organization.

The leader of CAIR-KY is Ihsan Bagby, the president of its board and Islamic Studies Professor at the University of Kentucky.[1] He was a member of CAIR’s national board from 1995 to 2013.[2]

He is a council member of the Islamic Society of North America’s Fiqh Council with other Islamists.[3] Bagby is also the General Secretary of the Muslim Alliance in North America.[4] In 2013, the International Institute of Islamic Thought honored him as one of the “Friends of IIIT.”[5]

Bagby was recorded saying, “Ultimately we [Muslims] can never be full citizens of this country… because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country.”[6]


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