Buffalo Woman Threatens FBI Employees for ISIS

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Safya Row Yassin (inset)
Safya Row Yassin (inset)

A woman from Buffalo, tweeting under the handle “Muslimah,” pleaded guilty to using social media to transmit threatening messages on behalf of ISIS.

Safya Roe Yassin, 40, of Buffalo admitted to sending threatening tweets to FBI employees and former members of the military, among others. She also re-posted messages that she knew had come from ISIS operatives overseas.

Yassin was charged with two counts of transmitting threatening messages across state lines, a federal crime.

Beginning in May 2015, Yassin was in communication with a person she believed was an overseas ISIS operator. They discussed exposing the details of identifying information of U.S. government employees and threatening violence against them from ISIS.

In August of the same year, she tweeted the first and last name of an individual, the city where he or she lived, the individual’s zip code and phone number and the fact that he or she was an employee of the FBI. Included in the tweets were the words “wanted to kill.” She repeated the same information for a second individual.

She also tweeted instructions on beheadings, among other extremist posts about killing infidels.



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