Brotherhood’s US Rep Is Liaison to Hamas

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A Hamas fighter (Photo: Video screenshot from Hamas propaganda)
A Hamas fighter (Photo: Video screenshot from Hamas propaganda)

The international Muslim Brotherhood’s designated representative in America has been making multiple trips between Washington, D.C. and London in an effort to improve the image of the Islamist organization in the West.

Speaking to the Egyptian news outlet Veto, sources say that the movements of Amin El-Ara prove that the Brotherhood is operating on an international level to bring the organization to a new level.

El-Ara is responsible for re-establishing the connection between the Muslim Brotherhood and the West that was significantly broken in 2013 after the fall of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi (from the Brotherhood’s party).


Who is El-Ara and why was he chosen for this mission?

El-Ara belongs to one of the most respected families of Hamas. His father was one of the founders of Hamas in Gaza along with arch-terrorist Ahmed Yassin. His grandfather established a branch of the Brotherhood in Khan Younis in 1942. Hamas considers itself to be a branch of the Brotherhood.

El-Ara joined the Muslim American Society (MAS) in America and quickly rose through the ranks to become the liaison between the Brotherhood in America and Hamas. Federal prosecutors said in 2008 that “MAS was founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.”

A Palestinian who managed to break through the political barriers in Egypt, El-Ara’s son is married to the daughter of Habib El-Adly, the former interior minister under former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and a highly influential political figure in Egypt. He became close to El-Adly when El-Adly was working as the Egyptian security attache in Kuwait.

El-Ara is married to an Egyptian woman. After failing to complete medical school in the U.S., he returned to Egypt, finished his education and became a doctor in 2010.

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