‘Brotherhood Raising Cash in West Disguised as Human-Rights Group’

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The Muslim Brotherhood raises money in the West by launching online ‘human-rights’ appeals using campaign names that mislead donors as to the intended recipients of the cash and how it is going to be spent, according to an Egyptian journalist.

The websites largely target Canadian and British residents, with a focus on their Muslim populations. The group’s marketing team uses glossy language to cover over the connection to the Brotherhood, said Lamis el-Hadidi, reporting for CBC TV. The campaign speaks of human rights and aiding prisoners. She claims the British crowdfunding website Reprieve is among those used by the Brotherhood to raise funds.

This is el-Hadidi’s report in Arabic:

“We need to know how our enemies behave,” said el-Hadidi, predicting a new wave of Muslim Brotherhood attacks. These strikes may not be restricted to terrorism but could be in the realm of public relations, using foreign media outlets under the pretense of human rights.

El-Hadidi believes, the money goes to funding terror in Egypt and public-relations campaigns internationally.

“These donations equate to the purchase of a bomb or bullet or the cost of hiring a terrorist,” she said in her report.


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