What Are British Muslim Politicians Doing About Islamism?

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The British Houses of Parliament in Westminster. (Photo: Ged Carroll/Creative Commons)

British politicians have given undue leverage to extremists for decades by allowing hate campaigns against different groups, brainwashing youths for joining wars in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan and keeping Muslim women suppressed even in the West.

However, Muslim politicians share much of the blame for the damage by not adopting a firm stand against these Islamists despite having firsthand knowledge of what they were up to.

12 incumbent Muslim candidates secured their seats in House of Commons, while three new faces were added.

One of the most intriguing elected figures is Naz Shah, the re-elected Labour MP for Bradford West.

She was re-elected despite accusations of being an extremist apologist and an anti-Semite. She was even suspended by the Labour Party after she suggested moving all Israeli Jews to the United States as a solution for the Palestinian issue.

She previously stood in the way of implementing the anti-terrorism Prevent strategy introduced by the UK government to tackle all terrorists and extremists from jihadists to the Irish Republican Army. She called on the government to haul in Quilliam and Inspire, two Muslim run counter-extremism organizations, to justify their use of public funds.  

Yet just two weeks before the election, Shah affirmed her support for Israel’s right to exist. This resulted in her being heckled with shouts of “Jew! Jew! Jew!.” Her stance might have helped her regain the votes of non-Muslim residents of her constituency.

It is painful to see that Muslim MPs have not done more to tackle problems caused by Islamists in the UK.

These problems include marital abuses of British Muslim women by the so-called Sharia Council of Britain and other organizations, including the ‘Halala’ scandal where British Muslim women were pressured to marry, have sex with and then divorce a stranger so they could get back together with their estranged first husbands.

Other issues include the alarming radicalization of Muslim youths, forced marriages, intimidation of moderate Muslims by the extremists, anti-Semitism and widespread homophobia. There is support for murdering apostates and blasphemers, the imposition of hijab and controlling female behavior, especially in faith schools. In some places there have even been sharia patrols and inhumane practices like female genital mutilation (FGM)

Yet Muslim politicians have not done enough.

Baroness Warsi, instead of confronting Islamism is notorious for defending extremists by always creating doubts against the Prevent policy or any government’s measures to curb extremist practices by declaring such curbs as discrimination against the whole Muslim community.

Warsi is known for taking pride in being a former student of the notorious Dewsbury mosque while stating that “Dewsbury might have produced bombers, but it also produced the first Muslim cabinet minister (Warsi).”

Yet people like me wonder what Sayeeda Warsi has done for the UK to date.

What adds insult to injury is that enlightened people who treat these dubious characters as heroes choose to ignore the real ones like Nazir Afzal who struggle to fix the menaces of terrorism with a great risk to their lives.

Afzal is one of the top anti-terror experts and former chief of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners. He resigned from his position after the Manchester suicide bombing, which left 26 people dead and scores injured, while there was reportedly a refusal to go public about the elements which were patronizing terrorism and extremism on UK soil.

In an interview to Times Newspapers after the London terror attack, he stated that extremist groups in the UK were deliberately creating myths about the Prevent strategy.

He stated, “Sadly, there’s an industry which is trying to undermine Prevent. Some of them don’t like anything that’s state-sponsored and some of them are Islamists.”

Afzal also criticized the role of Muslim-Brotherhood-linked organizations like the Muslim Council of Britain for doing nothing but hindering the success of the Prevent policy, which, he explained had helped government stop dozens of youths, including minors, from travelling to Syria by timely disrupting their radicalization and jihadi plans.

It is reported that around 23,000 jihadis live in the UK and the unofficial figure could be higher. But Muslim politicians in Britain do not seem interested in stamping out this evil despite these terrorists never discriminating between Muslims and non-Muslims when they slaughter innocent people.

Extremism has become a pivotal challenge for the West as jihadists are hell-bent on destroying the harmony and multi-culturalism, which was flourishing in the civilized world, through their nefarious design.

It is now the duty of voters who have given a mandate to the politicians to keep a check on their activities while making them take the right steps, safeguarding the British people and their values instead of relying merely on lip service and political stunts.

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