Why You Shouldn’t Ask an ISIS Woman to Take Off Her Bra

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(Clarion Project)
(Clarion Project)

ISIS’s latest ploy to kill coalition forces at checkpoints in a bra bomb.

The brutal terror group is wiring plastic explosives in bras, hoping that troops at checkpoints will only check a woman’s midriff and not further up, reported the Mirror.

The devices are lightweight and small but can contain enough explosives to kill everything within a 10-yard radius.

Meanwhile, America’s retreat from northern Syria to facilitate Turkey’s invasion of the area has resulted in a redistribution of Kurdish forces and a resurgence of ISIS.

Kurdish forces previously guarding ISIS prison camps have now been put in the position of fighting for their lives or retreating from the Turkish forces and Turkish-backed militias.

The Turkish invasion began on October 9. By October 11, five jihadis escaped a separate holding facility. Two days later, Belgium confirmed that two ISIS fighters from Belgium had escaped from a Kurdish prison.

On October 13, Kurdish forces announced 800 ISIS families had escaped the Ain Isa displaced persons camp following Turkish airstrikes. While some of them returned to the camp, the families of three French women who were among the escapees confirmed that they reached ISIS fighters and are being sheltered by them.

On October 17, ISIS announced that the group liberated a number of their women that were being held by Kurdish fighters after attacking a holding facility in the village of Mahmudli, west of Raqqa. Six Kurdish soldiers were killed in the operation.

Besides the bra bomb, ISIS continually looks for new ways of killing people with explosives. The terror group recently wired two cows with bombs and used remote detonators to explode them in the center of a village in eastern Iraq.

Meanwhile, Iran’s latest weapon appears to be suicide robots that double as mini all-terrain vehicle’s able to burrow under tanks and blow them up. The new weapon can coordinated with drones, which can feed the robot information.

Apparently responding to President Trump’s latest threats against the Islamic Republic, Iran released the following video showing the capabilities of the robots.



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