Why Radical Islam Is the Baby Boomers’ Fault

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Millenials get a bad rap for being lazy entitled snowflakes who can’t take criticism or do a hard day’s labor. We also are criticized for pandering to Islamist sensibilities out of our misplaced desire for political correctness. Well, hold my avocado toast, old timer, because I need to explain some things to you.

This is your fault.

No, not you specifically (don’t get cranky), but the fault of baby boomers in the aggregate. You’re the generation that’s held power since the late ’60s (sorry Gen X, you never quite rocked the boat enough to get attention). Don’t get upset you didn’t know any better. You just weren’t paying attention and now we’re here, with terrorist attacks a possibility anywhere and at any time.


So here’s how the baby boomers set us up for radical Islam.


1.You Made the Saudis Rich by Buying All Their Oil

Since the 1970s, the government of Saudi Arabia has been spending money like a sailor on shore leave to fund extremism around the world. It’s estimated they’ve spent somewhere in the region of $100 billion funding their ultraconservative brand of Islam worldwide — paying for schools, mosques and extremist literature. All that money to support ideas that women are worth less than men, that gay people and apostates should be killed, etc.

But where did they get the money? Boomers gave it to them. Your thirsty little cars guzzled the stuff down like there was no tomorrow and you made no effort to invest in different sources of power.

By contrast, millenials have a significantly lower rate of car ownership than previous generations and are far more likely to support alternative sources of energy.


2.You Propped Up Extremists to Screw the Communists

Ronald Reagan armed and trained jihadi fighters in Afghanistan to get the Soviets out. Reagan also gave three billion in economic assistance and two billion in military aid to dictator General Zia Ul-Haq’s Pakistan. This is a regime that suspended elections and actively promoted Islamist groups such as Jamaat I-Islami, which is actively opposed to democracy. Pakistan’s Internal Security Agency (ISI) still supports the Taliban.

The accounts have been improperly audited and the Islamist-affiliated Pakistani government largely embezzled American largesse. Zia Ul-Haq is the dictator who aligned himself with extremist groups and promoted an extremist version of Pakistan that prior to him had not existed, including purging the universities of liberal- and Western-aligned elements.

Without the actions of Zia Ul-Haq, Pakistan would not be in the dire, Islamist controlled situation it is today. Who supported this? Boomers.


3.You Invented Political Correctness

If you’re worried about all the safe spaces and not being able to tell the truth about the ideology of Islamism, don’t look at millenials, look in the mirror.

Left-wing professors began preaching post-modern doctrines of cultural relativism in the 1970s. The upshot of those ideas is that it’s morally wrong for any group to uphold its values as better. And that given the history of power dynamics between Western and non-Western groups, it is doubly wrong for a Western group to hold its values as better than any given non-Western group.

The idea that Westerners ought to feel supremely guilty for the sins of the 19th and early 20th centuries are not millenial notions, they are boomer ideas.

Millenials are impacted by radical Islam in a big way. But that doesn’t mean the factors driving it are our fault. On the contrary, we inherited this world from earlier generations. Boomers set it up like this.

Radical Islam is on you.



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Elliot Friedland
Elliot Friedland is a research fellow at Clarion Project.

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