Bin Laden’s Beginnings: The Muslim Brotherhood

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Anti-U.S. demonstrations in Pakistan less than three weeks after the 9/11 attacks
Anti-U.S. demonstrations in Pakistan less than three weeks after the 9/11 attacks (Photo: Visual News/Getty Images)


The close connection of al-Qaeda to the Muslim Brotherhood was recently revealed in the CIA documents seized during the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

Those documents show bin Laden’s ideology from the beginning was affiliated with the Brotherhood.

“I was committed to the Muslim Brotherhood, despite their limited curriculum,” bin Laden wrote in one of documents that was released.

“I was religious from a young age, I keep my prayers and my mother takes care of me from other aspects,” he said. “There was no one guiding me like the Brotherhood was, it was just natural instinct,” he said in hand-written notes.

The connection between ISIS and the Brotherhood is becoming increasingly apparent.

Recently, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has taken the issue of the disappearance of its members to the international press, accusing the Ministry of Interior of “disappearing” their young people.

Claims were made that the government then charges these Brotherhood members with crimes they did not commit or simply liquidates them.

However, pictures have now surfaced of these “kidnapped” youths, proving that these Brotherhood members were not taken by the Egyptian government. Rather, they “disappeared” and joined ISIS.

One Brotherhood member, Abdulrahman Usama, 30, “disappeared” on April 10. He was killed in early November in the Siwa Oasis region of the Egyptian desert while attacking Egyptian police forces.



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