Bikini-Clad Women Blackmailed by Islamists in Morocco

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An online intimidation campaign has been launched in Morocco to try to prevent women from wearing bikinis on the country’s beaches.  The campaign has begun to post photos of women clad in scanty bathing suits to Facebook, under the false name Aicha Amal.

The pictures of women were taken secretly and are meant to shame women into “repenting.” The group claims it has taken 10,000 pictures on Morocco’s beaches.

The pictures are accompanied by captions which read: "Rediscover the high road and turn to God"; "this is what happens in Morocco, land of Islam, principality of believers"; and "watch out, young Moroccan women, we have eyes that are filming you on the beaches and we will show your photos to prevent the deterioration of the country."

Meanwhile, in France, a woman vacationing in an Alpine resort was stabbed along with her three young daughters by a Moroccan-born man identified only as “Mohammed B,” 37. It was initially reported that the man became infuriated at the mother and her daughters, aged eight, 12 and 14, because they were “scantily dressed.” The report was dismissed as a rumor by French prosecutor Raphael Balland.

French television, who also reported that the man was angry that the girls were wearing shorts also reported that the man “may have acted out of religious motives.”

The perpetrator stabbed the girls while they were eating breakfast on the terrace of their chalet , went inside and stabbed the mother. He was staying with his pregnant wife and two children at the same resort next door to the family he attacked.

The eight-year girl was initially reported as being in critical condition. The other girls as well as the mother sustained serious but not life-threatening injuries.



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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org