Bahrain to Iran: Hands off our Country

Iran’s proclamation that it is entering a “new phase of cooperation” with the Gulf countries contradicts the reality on the ground, says the Bahraini minister of information.

Speaking on Sky News Arabic, Isa Abdulrahman said the Iranian foreign minister’s comment that Iran’s recent nuclear agreement with the West brings the Islamic Republic to new levels of cooperation with the Gulf countries is clearly false.

Abdulrahman referred to the recent arrest of five terror suspects, all with links to Iran. The suspects have been implicated in the deadly July 28 bombing in Bahrain responsible for the death of two policemen. The bomb followed a foiled attempt to smuggle weapons from Iran into Bahrain.

Bahrain’s police chief said tests showed the explosives used in the bombing were similar to those which were being smuggled.

Information gleaned from confessions showed clearly that Bahrain was dealing “not only with the regime but with the terror ideology posed by Iran,” Abdulrahman said. 

Moreover, “After the terrorists were caught, we saw greater sophistication in terms of tactics, explosives and the weapons that were used," Abdulrahman added. "The connection between these terrorists and their mother organizations in Iran or organizations supported by Iran (such as Hezbollah) in addition to the Revolutionary Guards are much clear than in the past.”

The Bahraini minister blamed Iran for using religion for political gain, saying, “Ever since the revolution in Iran, Iran has tried to use religion to interfere in the affairs of other countries. We in the Gulf states refuse to be drawn into a theological debate.”

The minister pointedly noted “Iran supports terror groups in all of the countries in the region and not just only in Bahrain. We have been dealing with this since the Islamic revolution [in 1979], which should be called the Khomeni/Persian revolution and not an Islamic revolution because we haven’t seen activities for peace, love and security, but the opposite. We have had wars, destruction and attempts to destabilize the Gulf countries.”

Meanwhile, the Gulf States are fighting back against Iran in a proxy war pitting the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels along with militias loyal to Yemen’s former president Ali Abdullah Saleh against the Saudi-led coalition forces loyal to the Yemen’s exiled President Abed Rabbbo Mansour Hadi.

Houthis rebels recently took over the embassy of the United Arab Emirates, a coalition member, in Sana'a, Yemen’s capital.

In condemning the occupation of their embassy, the UAE reiterated its support for the coalition saying it will not be deterred in its fight for the stability of Yemen.

Saudi Arabia fears a takeover by the Houthis will bring Iran one step closer its borders.

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