Back to School Outrage

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Back to school (Photo: Libreshot)
Back to school (Photo: Libreshot)

Parents in the UK will be shocked to find that when they send their young children back to school, six teachers previously suspended for their radical Islamist influence on their pupils will be back in the classrooms.

Razwan Faraz, 38, the former deputy headteacher at Nansen Primary School, and five other teachers were previously dismissed as part of the “Trojan Horse” scandal in the UK school system. That scandal saw how teachers and principals with extremist ideology had infiltrated schools, taken over positions of authority and implemented a radical Islamist curriculum and environment in a number of UK’s public schools.

Faraz, for his part, was documented labeling homosexuals as “animals” and saying they should be “eradicated.” Although Faraz claimed his dismissal was due to religious discrimination, a disciplinary panel rejected his defense, saying his remarks were “demonstrably homophobic” and “a significant factor in causing the school to be brought into disrepute.”

However, the case was brought to a second and independent government panel formed by the National College for Teaching and Leadership (an executive agency of the UK Department of Education which no longer exists). That panel concluded that government lawyers did not share crucial evidence with the teachers and decided that they had no option but to stop the hearings and reinstate the six teachers.



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