Az-Zahra Islamic Center

The flag of Detroit (Image: Wiki Commons)
State: Michigan

Address: Detroit, Michigan 48228

Website: N/A

The Al-Zahraa Islamic Center, sometimes referred to as the Al-Zahra Center, is located in Detroit in a
building that formerly served as the Islamic Center of America [1].

Imam Hassan Al-Qazwini led Friday prayers at the Center [2], until 2015 when left to found The Islamic
Institute of America [3].  Al-Qazwini, who formerly served as Imam of the Islamic Center of America,
has boasted of his closeness to Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, a spiritual leader of Hezbollah. While
serving as Imam for ICA, Al-Qazwini orchestrated a memorial service for Fadlallah when he died in 2010

Al-Qazwini has claimed that ISIS was created by Israel [5]; that Trump shares attributes similar to ISIS
[6]; that Bernie Sanders was “an honorable man, even though he is a Jew”; [7]; and that the French
Government was creating a breeding ground for terrorism [8].

Imam Bassem Al-Sheraa currently serves as the mosques spiritual leader. In February 2019, a video of
Al-Sheraa, posted to Al Zahraa’s YouTube channel, where he accuses Jews of employing “tricks and
fraud in matters of religion and morality,” claim Jewish culture is a “culture of usury,” and that Jews
established “the brothels of Europe.” [9]

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