Austrian Teen Beaten to Death for Trying to Escape ISIS: Report

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A teenage girl who had fled Austria to join ISIS has reportedly been beaten to death for trying to escape the brutal terror organization. Samra Kesinovic, was 16 last year when she went missing, vanishing from her home with Sabina Selimovic, who was 15 at the time.

Both had become radicalized in a local mosque by its Salafist imam, Abu Tejma.

The girls, both daughters of Bosnian refugees who fled their native country because of the ethnic violence of the 1990s, had become jihadi brides in Raqqa.

Famous around the world, the teenagers became 'poster girls' of the brutal Islamic State, posing in burkas and brandishing Kalashnikov rifles. Both were said to be pregnant after marrying Chechen fighters soon after their arrival, although Samra denied the claim in a text message exchange with the French magazine Paris Match.

David Scharia, a counter terrorism expert with the U.N. Security Council, disclosed a number of months ago that Sabina had been killed in Syria. Scharia also reported Samra’s death, but Austria says it has received no confirmation of the status of either girl.

The revelations about Samra were mentioned in two Austrian newspapers. One quoted a Tunisian woman who lived with the girls and related the circumstances of Samra’s death.  

Tejma was arrested last year on charges of terror funding. He is believed to have radicalized at least 166 young people in Austria.

The girls, who were expelled from school after inscribing "I Love al-Qaeda" on tables and walls, made their way to Syria through Turkey. They boarded a flight to Ankara, after which they travelled to the Adana region, located close to the Syrian border.

Samra reportedly wrote to her family saying she wanted to come home, after becoming disgusted with the extreme violence she witnessed on a daily basis.

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Meira Svirsky

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